...fostering a more local and sustainable agriculture in Johnson and surrounding counties.

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1st Annual Johnson County Local Food Summit
Wednesday, February 7, 2007,  2:30-6:00pm, IC Public Library, Room A.   Click here for more info.


When’s the last time you were this close

 to your food?


The Johnson County Local Food Alliance (JCLFA) wants to help you get up close and personal with your watermelon.  Your spinach.  Even your warm, melty cinnamon rolls. Why?  Because we know that more and more people want to feel connected to their food and to their farmers.  Because we know that you want food that is:

Fresh. We’re talking strawberries that are still warm from the sun—not chilled into submission from their 2,000 mile journey to your table.

Healthy. Food that is good for you, good for the land and good for your community.  Food you
can trust.

Local. When you buy food from your neighborhood farmer you help build your community. 
It’s simple: Local purchases help keep money and other resources close to home.

Sound satisfying?  We think so too, and we want to make it easier for you to get what you want.


Who we are JCLFA is a passionate food community of farmers, chefs, food stores, and people like you who are all committed to making local, healthy and fresh food more widely available (and eaten!) where we live. Visit:
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What we do JCLFA helps connect farmers to the people and businesses that want to buy fresh, local food. To accomplish this, we do several things.  First, we bring farmers, consumers, food buyers and support organizations together to work cooperatively.  We facilitate communication and commerce through meetings, programs (see below) and publications.  To help us reach our goals toward a vibrant local food system and thriving communities, all of our members take a pledge to uphold the highest standards of: 

•  Market Cooperation • Professionalism • Caring for the Earth •
• Good Animal Husbandry • Caring for Community •

Read Our Most Recent Newsletter  Click here.


We are pleased to bring you the Buy Fresh Buy Local Campaign.  Developed by Practical Farmers of Iowa and Food Routes, the Buy Fresh Buy Local campaign helps inform consumers, businesses and institutions about their local food resources.  As part of this campaign, we have produced a directory of JCLFA farmers, restaurants, groceries and other businesses that has been widely distributed throughout Johnson county.  Use this directory to find and purchase food from JCLFA members who have committed themselves to our standards.  Click the Buy Fresh Buy Local logo to learn more.



We also invite you to CELEBRATE with us during our 5th annual Field to Family celebration, September 21-24th as we celebrate local food and culinary excellence. Join us at the Culinary Walk, a showcase of local foods served up by top Iowa City restaurants. Savor truly sensational hors’d’oeuvres as you follow your map from one delicious stop to the next. Attend the Farmers Market Cooking Demonstration and join your community for food and frolic at the Community Harvest Potlucks held at various area farms. The potlucks are enjoyed by all and include live music, livestock and livewires J.

Click the Field to Family logo to learn more.




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