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Our Mission

JCLFA is an association of farmers, consumers, professional food buyers and support organizations fostering a more local and sustainable agriculture in Johnson and surrounding counties.

JCLFA is committed to:

Local Foodówe promote and support local farmers and the people and businesses that buy from local farmers. 

Earth-friendly practicesówe support farmers and business people who are good stewards of the soil, plants, animals and other natural resources. 

Food Democracyówe strive to build a fair and just food system that is accessible to all. 

Ethical Businessówe encourage cooperation, loyalty and fairness between and among farmers, consumers, and businesses. 

Celebration of Communityówe share the joys of a community-based agriculture, where people are connected to the seasons, the land, the food and each other.

JCLFA Board and Staff

James Nisly

Sue Futrell
Vice President

Robert Karp

Leah Wilson



JCLFA is comprised of several subgroups, each of which has agreed to establish a set of ethical commitments for how they wish to work together to support a sustainable, local food economy. Please read below to learn more.

Ethical Commitments of JCLFA Member Groups

Johnson County Local Food Alliance (JCLFA) Producer Group

I. Mission

JCLFA producers will actively contribute to safer, cleaner and healthier communities by providing wholesome, sustainably grown food, raised with high standards of environmental stewardship and by working together to achieve fair prices and efficient means of production and distribution.

II. Ethical Commitments

Respect for Existing Market Relationships: JCLFA producers are committed to respecting the existing markets and market relationships that have been established by other farmers, assuming the buyer is satisfied with service and quality. Although we recognize that there are different categories of markets which garner different sale prices for somewhat similar items, we will not undercut prices or steal the markets supplied by other farmers, or otherwise act in a manner that unfairly disadvantages the business of a fellow farmer or jeopardizes the sustainability of particular markets.

Market Sharing: JCLFA producers are committed to sharing our pre-existing market relationships with other farmers when we cannot meet a need among our current buyers.

Professionalism: JCLFA producers commit to delivering high quality products in the form and at the time that has been agreed upon, or to communicate in a timely manner in order to renegotiate their commitments. We are also committed to running sound businesses, maintaining compliance with pertinent governmental regulatory agencies, keeping good records, and setting prices that will help us sustain our farms over the long term.

Caring for the Earth: JCLFA producers commit to managing our farms in a manner that supports biological diversity, healthy living soil, clean water and fresh air. We commit to full transparency in sharing our production practices with one another and with the buyers of our food. We recognize that sustainability looks different on each farm, and we agree to work each year to implement best management practices that help us care for our agroecosystems and beyond.

Animal Husbandry: We commit to ensuring a high health status in our farm animals by providing adequate natural space and shelter, fresh air, a nutritious diet, good preventive health care and respectful handling. Doing so will help reduce the use of antibiotics and other synthetic compounds, increase the productivity of our animals and ensure a healthier product for our consumers.

Caring for Our Communities: JCLFA is a community-based initiative. As producers, we commit ourselves to developing and strengthening safe, healthy and accessible community food systems. With the help of JCLFA as a whole, the producer group will also work to build bridges with other community organizations in order to more effectively address the challenges we face as food producers and community members.

Education and Outreach: JCLFA producers are committed to act as ad hoc community educators among our friends, family, neighbors and community on the issues of local food and sustainable agriculture. We also agree to participate, whenever possible, in the educational and promotional events organized by the Alliance.

Cooperation and Information Sharing within JCLFA: JCLFA producers are committed to working cooperatively with the consumers, professional food buyers, and support organizations in the Alliance to in order to grow and develop the local food market. As part of this process we agree to provide farm and market information to the Alliance. We agree to hold all such information completely confidential.

Johnson County Local Food Alliance Professional Food Buyer Group

I. Mission

JCLFA food buyers are committed to supporting local, sustainable farmers in order to increase the availability of fresh, delicious and healthy food for our customers.

Commitments of the JCLFA Professional Food Buyer Group

Supporting Sustainable, Local Farmers: JCLFA food buyers are committed to purchasing products from local and regional farmers who are committed to sustainable agriculture and ethical business practices. We are also committed to building loyal, long-term relationships with farmers and business owners in the Alliance. We aim to have working relationships with at least three local farmers, and we agree to look for opportunities each year to expand the number of farmers we work with or to increase our local food purchases.

Professionalism: JCLFA food buyers commit to pay farmers in a timely manner as agreed upon. We also commit to clearly communicating expectations and giving feedback to farmers regarding price, product and service quality. We strive to run sound businesses, keep good records, and set prices that will help us sustain our businesses over the long term.

Education and Outreach: JCLFA food buyers recognize the importance of consumers who are educated about their food choices, about local food and sustainable agriculture. We agree to participate, whenever possible, in the educational and promotional events and activities organized by the Alliance.

Caring for Our Communities: JCLFA food buyers recognize that they are an integral part of a larger community and that promoting the health of their community is ultimately beneficial to their business. We agree to work cooperatively with Alliance members to improve the quality of life in our community and to grow and develop the local food market.

Cooperation, Information Sharing and Confidentiality within JCLFA: We agree to openly share our purchasing information with the Alliance and we understand that the Alliance will not share this information without our consent.